Netanyahu likely to be indicted over corruption claims

The Israeli police may recommend that premier Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted following an investigation into bribery claims leveled against him, Israel’s Channel 2 has reported.

Multiple investigations into his corruption scandals were already opened, but Case 1000, which involves receiving illegal gifts, was being treated as separate to the other ongoing investigations.

The channel reported that the investigation into Case 1000 was to be closed with a recommendation to file an indictment against the premier in the next six weeks.

Netanyahu was reportedly questioned three times before as part of the investigation. He is expected to be interviewed once more before the probe closes regarding this case.

He is accused of accepting tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from wealthy businessmen.

Details of the probes into Netanyahu have been scarce, and it was reported in June that the chief of the Israeli police Roni Alsheikh had demanded they be conducted in total secrecy.

Investigators are also reportedly looking into allegations that Netanyahu had accepted €1 million from Arnaud Mimran, a French businessman currently serving eight years in prison for committing a large-scale carbon-tax fraud.

During his trial, Mimran claimed to have given money to Netanyahu during the 2009 Israeli election campaign, but the latter has consistently denied this claim and said he accepted $40,000 from him in 2001.
Courtesy :  The Palestinian Information Center