• Israel bans 50 Palestinians from visiting relatives in Negev jail

    NABLUS, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation army on Monday morning banned 50 Palestinian citizens from visiting their imprisoned sons and relatives in the Israeli Negev jail. A PIC news

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  • New ship replaces Amal in anti-siege flotilla to blockaded Gaza

    PARIS, (PIC)– The Freedom Flotilla Coalition said efforts have been underway to purchase a new ship to replace Amal following a sudden breakdown. Chairman of the International Committee to

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  • Calls for int’l protection for women’s boat to Gaza

    GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian MP and head of the popular committee to break the siege on Gaza Jamal al-Khudari called for an international protection for the women’s boat to Gaza in light of

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  • Nablus activists mobilize participation in anti-blockade rallies

    NABLUS, (PIC)– A youth committee in Nablus called for mass participation in marches set to be staged at noon time on Wednesday to push for lifting the military blockade on the city. The

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  • Israel allocates huge budget for settlement security

    RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Israeli authorities allocated a huge budget for the protection of Israeli settlement illegally built near Gazan and Lebanese borders, Israeli radio revealed. Head of the

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Waqt kee Dastak launched on International Women Day

The Knock of the Time by Dr. Nuzhat Abbasi appears on International Women’s Day ‘Nuzhat Abbasi is my able student, who has managed to travel through the path of literature with determination and

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Russia aiming to drive Turkmen from Syria, says leader

Russian airstrikes are systematically targeting the infrastructure of Turkmen areas of northwest Syria to prevent their return, a senior rebel commander said Wednesday. Ahmet Arnavut, who

Al Quds